We are the go-to service provider for all co-packing requirements, enabling local suppliers to design and build specialist promotional activities.

We currently have a national field team, of over 350 Brand Activators and a promotional logistics division. HOOP Co-packing will be an extension to these services with pre-built stock into displays and the national field team supporting the install/compliance process on the shop floor, giving out clients a full-service circle of promotional activation.

The options are endless but not limited to Re-working Retail packaging formats, Pre-packing Gondola end displays or display stands, Gift Boxing, Gift With Purchase and Vap projects. We also offer Re-labelling, Promotional / Compliance or Over Labelling, Individual finished good lines, multi-packs or transport formats, L Bar and Tray / Shrink solutions.

We would love to hear about your Co-packing requirements. Make an enquiry below and we will be in touch